Elaine Guo

Ontario Metical Association, Intern, Economics, Research & Analytics 2022-present

  • Conducted research in collaboration with Ontario's medical and policy experts investigating how physicians work in teams and how to best accrue benefits from team-specific productivity in the health care system

Unity Health Network, Research Visitor 2022-present

  • Applied a machine learning technique to systematically analyze text data in over 20,000 field notes generated in physician clinical training with a team of physicians, medical faculty member and data scientist

  • Participated in designing a large randomized controlled trial, which is currently deployed in five Canadian provinces, to assess the cost-effectiveness of social service programs provided in the health care setting

University of Toronto, Research Assistant 2019-present

  • Mark Stabile: conducted advanced data analysis using linked administrative education, health and tax records

  • Robert McMillan: reviewed and edited paper drafts

Roche, Market Access Intern 2015

  • Conducted market and policy research relating to drugs for rare diseases and antimicrobial resistance, and produced research reports

  • Designed and implemented an organization-wide survey to assess the level of awareness of public policies affecting Roche business

  • Created special editions of Roche’s internal newsletter on key health policy issues such as pharmaceutical pricing